About Us

A member-in-good-standing with the Florida Bar for 30 consecutive years, attorney Austin Aaronson has represented clients in all matters of civil litigation and contract-related disputes. As founder of Aaronson Law Firm, he now devotes his practice exclusively to timeshare contract cancellation and relief. He holds his staff to the highest ethical standard and takes pride in offering cost-effective representation motivated by client satisfaction.

What We Do

The Aaronson Law Firm has dedicated attorneys and paralegals whose sole priority is helping you rescind your timeshare contract.

We hear countless stories about what was supposed to be an hour-long presentation becoming a four- or five-hour ordeal with unscrupulous sales representatives who fed our clients lies or bullied them into signing a contract they weren’t given time to review.

Clients also tell us about the shock of their first bill and the regret that came over them when they finally had a chance to examine their documents. Some clients personally attempt to cancel their respective contracts only to be given the runaround. Others try the seemingly impossible task of reserving the timeshare, which requires booking months in advance or points they don’t have.

The sales contract may be a legally binding document, and your word doesn’t necessarily carry much weight against the waivers and disclaimers buried in the fine print. However, there may be a way out. Please call us for a free consultation. We would be honored to represent you.