Should I Hire a Timeshare Attorney to Help Cancel My Contract?

Consumers looking to escape their timeshare obligations face a confusing range of options in a market environment saturated with questionable companies, players and scams. So many dishonest resale companies have perpetrated fraud on the unsuspecting public, that many state attorney generals and regulatory agencies have actively pursued criminal and civil cases against them.

Timeshare Cancellations – A Complex Arena

The world of timeshare cancellations is not an arena you want to enter without a licensed attorney to protect your interests and guide your actions. Many owners seek relief from their timeshare obligations due to changes in finances, family vacation goals or dissatisfaction with rising costs and their particular developer’s administration of the timeshare. As a timeshare owner, you quickly come to realize that you entered an enforceable contract in purchasing your timeshare, and your exit options are limited.

The re-sale value is minimal, if allowed by your contract; and your developer may have no obligation or desire to re-purchase your points or property. Many timeshare contracts are in perpetuity with financial obligations that can be passed along to your heirs.  If you have fallen behind in assessment or mortgage fees, your situation is compounded.

How Can a Timeshare Attorney Help?

Experienced and ethical timeshare attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to guard your rights, protect your credit and assure fair debt collection. In essence, your attorney becomes a screen between you and the timeshare developer and has the legal obligation to protect your interests. When you have retained an attorney, all further communication from any party – from developers to debt collectors – will be directed to your attorney.

An attorney proficient in timeshare cancellations will support your bid for cancellation and will negotiate for the settlement of your case. Remember to thoroughly research your attorney’s qualifications and client satisfaction reviews.

It is not too late to overcome your timeshare nightmare!

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