The Disparity in Timeshare Satisfaction

A California couple enjoys an enviable record of memorable vacations that include yearly trips to Hawaii and penthouse stays in Nuevo Vallarta every three years. In between, they have trekked to Boston, the Virgin Islands and Aruba. They know they are fortunate to have the time and money to do so and have mastered the timeshare system that allowed such pleasurable journeys. That’s the bright side of the timeshare coin.

Fifteen years ago, another gentleman yielded to sales pressure to purchase a Las Vegas timeshare. He has successfully exchanged his timeshare to book trips to somewhat unexciting destinations like Arizona and Palm Springs, but he never has been able to get reservations to some of the more exotic destinations he hoped to visit. He has discovered that those destinations are never available, even if he tries to reserve two years in advance.

Alas, he is ready to ‘jump ship’ yet has discovered the absolute lack of value in his own timeshare – often on the block these days for free or up to $100. Owners want to get rid of the hassle and the yearly expenses for maintenance fees but find it exceedingly difficult.

Thus, we see the two sides of the timeshare coin that find some with satisfied expectations and a pleasant range of vacation experiences and others with deep misgivings. The latter simply have tired of their lack of success in booking the times and places they want and feel mired in expenses they can’t afford.

Without question, escalating sales point to the popularity of timeshare ownership. According to the American Resort Development Association, sales rose between 2010 and 2015 by 32% with prices averaging over $22,000. Those who are disenchanted and want to sell, though, are lucky to find any buyer. With the glut of resales on the market, they are fortunate to even achieve the average $5,000 price in the resale secondary market – certainly not a great return on what they considered to be an investment.

What accounts for the disparity in timeshare satisfaction?

In the United States, too often people don’t plan or take annual vacations, but owners who embrace their timeshares find they are motivated to regularly take vacations. They point to savings and comfort. They enjoy more spacious accommodations for less money than they would otherwise spend on hotels and have the added advantage of kitchen facilities, extra rooms and more privacy.

Other timeshare owners who perhaps understood and bought into the concept have not experienced the same satisfaction. They bristle at the need for long-range planning and lack of availability of preferred accommodations. They are bound by career or school limitations that offer less flexibility in planning two to three years out to be able to visit their destination of choice.

Often at the heart of dissatisfied ownership is the hard-sell sales approach employed by most timeshare developers. With lengthy presentations, a series of enticements and a failure to accurately profile the financial obligations or the lack of timeshare value appreciation, the sales team urges that immediate signature on a seemingly endless stack of contract documents. Otherwise well-informed consumers discover too late that they have entered into an agreement they really do not understand or want.

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