Kay Yi Aaronson

Kay Y. Aaronson

Kay studied at Yale Girls School in South Korea from 1974-1979. In her last year of school, she was scouted by Pepe Fashion Company for their Planning Division and ultimately the role of Project Manager. Upon her arrival in the United States in 1990, Kay held various managerial positions. She has also owned and managed a restaurant. She joined Aaronson Law firm in 2003 as an accountant and is now the Executive Director of the firm.


Chief Firm AdministratorAaronson Law Firm
2003 – Present
Orlando, Fl

Shanes, Inc
Owner, Southpoint Franchise
Jacksonville, Fl

Daruma Restaurants, Inc.
1996-1999, 2003

Papa Fashion Design
Planning Team Manager


Yale Go Dung
Seoul, South Korea