Timeshare “Fair Play”

Vacation now and pay forever?

Sad to say, but that is the truth of many timeshare contracts. In that slick, high-pressure, prolonged sales presentation you endured, those sales pros promised the moon. Lucky you will have a great investment you can pass along to the kids. You’ll enjoy years of family vacations and not just at the local resort you are previewing. Oh no – much better! You will be able to choose your destination among their many exotic partner properties. And you do NOT have to limit yourself to any particular week or two per year.

Finally, you agreed and signed on the dotted line, but it’s probably taken you a few years to realize that the reservations system is challenging, at best, and yearly maintenance fees keep rising. Perhaps a special assessment for hurricane losses pushed you over the top. Well, you reason, it’s my investment, so now I will just sell.

You then discover the provision in your contract that essentially reserves the right of the developer to ‘veto’ your attempt to sell. Just trying to find the right individual to talk to, much less gain approval from, can be a time-consuming and unrewarding process. Looks like that developer does not want to let you off the hook, despite your financial circumstances or goals.

Even if you somehow gain that consent, the glut of timeshares on the market and the vastly decreased value of your timeshare make selling a remote possibility. You also discover that even if you held on and left your timeshare to the kids, they also would inherit the financial obligations and headaches. The fact is your “vacation ownership” interest is a net liability saddled with maintenance fee obligations that endure year after year after year.

At this point you might be tempted to contact one of the many questionable companies who advertise their guaranteed ability to divest your timeshare to a third-party buyer. Usually they charge hefty up-front fees to broker the closing with the anonymous buyer – a nonexistent buyer, as it turns out. Don’t be fooled by their false promises and obvious scam. A host of federal and state regulatory agencies are pursuing the plethora of these con artists to halt their fraudulent activities.

For your protection and peace of mind, you need to hire a licensed attorney. With 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys have helped many clients in need of a timeshare cancellation. We invite you to review our qualifications and client reviews.

It is not too late to overcome your timeshare nightmare!

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