Timeshare Owners: Victor or Victim?

“To the victor belong the spoils.”  You won, and now you are looking forward to enjoying your “spoils.” You and your family or friends anticipate years of memory-building vacations with multiple options for appealing destinations.

Remember all of those promises in your timeshare sales presentation – the one that expanded well beyond your 90-minute expectation? That was just the first broken promise, though you probably didn’t realize it. You may even have felt like you won extra benefits; as the hours wore on, the sales team added more incentives. Indeed, every time you tried to walk away, they sweetened the deal – a great investment, time with your children, easily sold or rented if you ever desired to do so, a real asset.

Can’t afford it? No problem. Your developer-sponsored credit card eases the process. Then the flood of paperwork hits. One document after another for you to sign and initial with no time to read them. “Don’t worry. It just means ‘x,’ and you already understand that.” So many words, so little time. You aren’t thrilled about making such a quick decision, but at least you will escape the sales chamber!

Yes, you could have reconsidered during the rescission period mandated by state laws. During that 3- to 15-day period, stipulated by the state where your contract originated, you had the opportunity to change your mind and cancel your timeshare contract. Perhaps they forgot to tell you about that, or you reviewed the mountains of paperwork after that period lapsed.

Now you accept the consequences. You’re a timeshare owner, and it’s time to enjoy the spoils! The broken promises really kick in at this point, when you discover that none of the locations you desire are available. You try a different property, even though it isn’t one of your preferences. “Sorry. You don’t have enough points.” It seems you quickly have descended from victor to victim.

When statements arrive, you understand what adding insult to injury really means. Unexpected fees. Rising maintenance dues. Credit card and mortgage payments. Extra booking charges. Special assessments. You have fallen into a financial nightmare with seemingly no way out.

You try to sell – no value, no market and a horizon filled with resale scammers. Even charities are not interested in your timeshare.

It is not too late to overcome your timeshare nightmare!

We hope you will consider retaining the services of a reputable timeshare attorney. We have heard every conceivable timeshare complaint, and with 80+ years of combined experience, The Aaronson Law Firm timeshare attorneys devote their time to helping owners cancel their timeshare contract – a very viable outcome.

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