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The Aaronson Law Firm consists of a number of Attorneys and Support Staff who are solely dedicated to helping you cancel your timeshare contract. It is all we do. That fact allows us to be focused on your direct timeshare cancellation needs, giving you the best chance to have your timeshare successfully rescinded.


Austin N. Aaronson, Esq., has over twenty-five years in representing clients in contract-related disputes, including timeshare cases. He has the highest ethical rating through Martindale-Hubbell©.  A portion of his practice is dedicated exclusively to the process described above, with staff members who devote all of their professional time to this endeavor.  In this fashion, we have achieved economies of scale allowing for efficient and cost-effective representation intended to maximize your chances for favorable results.

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We Can Help You Cancel Your Timeshare Obligations - The Time Is Now!


We have a team of qualified timeshare cancellation attorneys in Florida. If you want to learn more about Timeshare cancellation, you can contact us here


We offer free consultation regarding timeshare canceling. With the commitment to help you achieve your desired goals we have designed a dedicated team who has unsurpassed experience in the timeshare industry. Because our team has been in regular contact with the owners and resorts, we are equipped with the skills required to sort out even the most complex timeshare issues. Timeshare law is different for various states. Our staff helps you understand your state law with the help of reliable resources. Many owners do not have a clear idea of the true costs involved in owning a timeshare. We help you out in assessing such risks with care and caution.




CancelTimeshare Attorneys at Law are devoted to helping victimized timeshare owners legally cancel their timeshare contracts.  Our ethical team brings the full force of legal representation to your side in standing up to manipulative timeshare companies and fraudulent sales tactics.


Eliminate needless stress, pressure and financial burden

Our clients did not set out to get entangled in a lifelong timeshare commitment.  Most met with deceptive sales representatives who falsely promised non-existent benefits and misrepresented availability, costs and investment values of the timeshares they sold to unsuspecting victims.


Timeshare contract abuses – our specialty

With patient support and communication every step of the way, we review the unique circumstances of each client.  We then map out a plan to successfully end your timeshare contract and consistently keep you informed, until we can share your relief at the news – “Your timeshare contract is canceled.”


Experienced legal help – successful results, meaningful relief

Your timeshare problems are NOT hopeless!  We have day-to-day experience in dealing with multi-billion-dollar timeshare companies.  We apply that knowledge to successfully negotiate – and litigate, as needed – on your behalf.  Our proven legal expertise will help to preserve your credit, legally cancel your timeshare contract and eliminate the financial burdens your timesharecreates. The sole mission of our team of dedicated attorneys is to help victims like you.


Committed and compassionate – in the heart of “The Timeshare Capital of the World”

Located in Metropolitan Orlando, where the world’s major timeshares are headquartered, we are ideally located to argue your timeshare case through direct negotiation and litigation.  With legal associates in multiple U.S. locations, we represent clients throughout the world in their search for timeshare relief.


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