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Timeshare Contract Disputes With Industry Giants


Our team of qualified timeshare attorneys has successfully contested contract disputes with some of the largest timeshare developers in the world.  With a well-defined focus and deep experience, CancelTimeshare Attorneys protect the legal rights of timeshare owners. We represent owners who frequently have suffered stress, financial loss and collections harassment at the hands of unscrupulous timeshare and resale companies.  With our effective intervention, we have helped hundreds of clients shed their unwanted timeshares and achieve peace of mind and restored trust.


Strength to face multi-billion-dollar timeshare companies


The timeshare industry continues to generate billions of dollars, especially among a few enormous vacation and timeshare corporations.  When you face multi-billion-dollar companies, ethical legal representation remains your greatest ally, resource and opportunity for success.  We establish valuable communication lines and vulnerable legal points to achieve meaningful results for timeshare owners.

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