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This law firm was honest and transparent throughout my entire legal process. They thoroughly explained step by step what was happening with our case, and full resolved it which is the best outcome after all. They are all friendly and up front and have years of experience to help you with your issue. I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering as we were with trying to deal with a timeshare that they would not let you out of no matter what the circumstances!read more
Jenn Buck
Jenn Buck
14:53 11 Dec 17
Very pleased with a successful and well done work on my behalf. My experience working with the team was superb. The team included me in every step of the way and consulted me prior to executing any step and ensured I understood all steps and potential consequences. In addition, they kept good communication with me and showed sincere care and professionalism during our correspondences. This made me feel a part of the team and in good hands. Overall, my experience with Aaronson was comfortable and great. I would highly recommend Aaronson to be anyone's advocate. Many thanks to the team and a job well done!read more
13:48 25 Aug 17
Attorney Austin Aaronson helped our family rescind a timeshare contract after almost 3 years. My wife and I were informed by the timeshare that they would assist with resale. This was not the case later after assistance was requested. We were told to check the proverbial small print. We felt had and sought help. Attorney Aaronson took our case when others would not and terminated our relationship with the timeshare in less than 6 months at a reasonable price. He and his assistant were in-touch regularly and my wife and I were provided an honest assessment of our situation and status throughout the experience. I highly recommend Attorney Aaronson for his quality of service, honesty, and ongoing communication throughout our more
17:39 14 Jan 17
Thank you. It’s a relief to not be under their thumb any more. We have purchased a Class C Motor home which will be our ‘vacation home’ from now on. I trust you’ll have plenty of other couples that need relief from the timeshare more
Bruce M
Bruce M
16:45 05 Jun 17
Our case was handled very quickly. We purchased the timeshare in July 2014 and had discovered inconsistencies between the presentation and reality. After trying to work with the company to resolve these concerns, we decided to pursue legal action. I found the office online and called them in Sept 2014. The office was very knowledgeable about the timeshare company we were having issues with and there were no delays in rescinding our contract. The entire process took less than 60 days, which is in line with what we were told. My only suggestion would be for better communication. Since everything is handled through email or via the phone and not in person, more updates and status reports would be helpful. There is nothing worse than not knowing how the process is going. Other than that suggestion, we were very pleased with the process and would definitely recommend the office to anyone else who is sucked into a misleading timeshare purchase. The team was very professional and the cost was reasonable. We are very grateful that we found the law office online and that they specialize in more
Matthew Binet
Matthew Binet
14:43 18 Nov 16
My husband and I had the pleasure of doing business with the Austin Aaronson team. Not only are we no longer responsible for 2 timeshares but it was taken care of in less than 12 weeks. The price was half of what was quoted to us by another firm and it was completed in a quarter of the time. I was also skeptical in the beginning as you probably are now; after all I was taken advantage of twice. People this is the real deal, get that noose from around your neck. Financial freedom is more
Andrea Jenkins
Andrea Jenkins
03:48 01 Feb 17
They were extremely helpful and gave me all the tools I needed. They managed to get me out of my timeshare and get a refund. They also provided me with updates and paperwork to make sure that it did not affect my credit. They let me do installment payments which helped me with management of my finances. Thanks again you guys for the more
Zackary McNabb
Zackary McNabb
18:13 31 Jan 18
This law firm is phenomenal!! My husband and I thought we would be stuck in our Timeshare forever, but the Aaronson Law Group helped us get out of our contract in about 3 months. They were helpful and respectful every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to end a dead end contract in an affordable and stress free way!! They also got us a full refund!! They are the way to go!! Love them!!!read more
01:08 02 Feb 18
I had an awesome experience with Aaronson Law Firm. I was in need of someone trustworthy and experienced. They handled my case in less than a month (another law firm said it could take an entire year, and quoted me at $2,000 more!) I got the absolute best possible outcome, it turned out better than I thought it was going to. The entire process was very easy. The only downside is I never actually spoke to Austin, but Kara, a paralegal in the firm, was incredible. She was so responsive, she spoke with me a lot on the phone, made sure I understood every part of the process. It was so nice having her as a resource. I recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a timeshare resolution. Other law firms try to scam you, this one was realistic about the possible outcomes, but still managed to get me the best case more
Erin Money
Erin Money
18:10 04 Feb 18
Great experience. Timely follow-up. They definitely delivered! Thank-you!
Scott Leichliter
Scott Leichliter
16:39 26 Feb 18
I am so happy that we chose this law firm to help us get rid of our time share. I was not expecting much and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical that I would get anything back or even cancelled. Aaronson law group is definitely the real deal! Not only did they cancel the time share but they were able to get us a full refund! I was beyond belief. I am extremely thankful for this firm for making this an easy process and for allowing us to terminate all payments and all ties to these time shares. It was a pleasure working with this team! 😀read more
Nelsy Mojica
Nelsy Mojica
03:57 21 Jun 18
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Why Aaronson Law Firm Can Help You Cancel Your Timeshare

Timeshare ownership often feels like you are caught in a spiders web. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we know this because we heard many of our Clients’ tell similar stories. They all seem to describe a lure of some type they were offered, such as a free amusement park ticket or a discounted hotel stay. All they had to do to get their reward was to sit through “just” an hour long presentation. Well that “hour long” viewing became an all-day, never-ending depressing saga. Non-stop hour after hour of high pressure sales delivery made while trapped in a small room, being fed wonderful week old hot dogs and flat soda. Upcoming would non-stop signings of ‘non-essential’ closing documentation as the salesman riffled through page after page of the contract, all in the blink of an eye.

Our Clients describe the rude awakening they felt when the first bill came in the mail, followed by the inevitable frustration of actually trying to book their vacation, only to receive notification that they did not have enough points, there were unpaid fees, or many other excuses.

But chances are good that your timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable. You owe it to yourself to hire experienced, competent counsel. At the Aaronson Law Firm, we have over 80 years of combined legal experience. And we are willing to sue, if necessary, in the interest of getting your timeshare cancelled.

So please contact us using one of our three convenient methods to receive a free consultation to discuss your situation. You can:

1. Call us free of charge,
2. Use our Contact Form above, or
3. Live Chat with a person ready to assist you.

If you need to cancel your timeshare, the timeshare Attorneys of the Aaronson Law Firm stand ready and able to help you!

Testimonials About Cancelling A Timeshare

Are you concerned about hiring the right lawyer to cancel your timeshare? You are right to be concerned. Aaronson Law Group understands that you are in a tight spot because of a devious timeshare sales rep, and we have the experience to get you to the through finish line. If you are still not sure, read the testimonials to learn what others are saying that have hired Aaronson Law Group to cancel their timeshare.

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FAQ about cancelling a timeshare

Aaronson Law Group provides legal counsel necessary to assist in cancelling your timeshare. Due to the popularity and interest in our timeshare cancellation services, we get asked numerous questions, and here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about cancelling a timeshare:

What is a timeshare cancelling / rescission service?

The timeshare rescission service is the process of legally cancelling your resort membership and discontinuing all the maintenance expenses that go along with that. This process provides freedom from your timeshare resort ownership, FOREVER. Clients will be assigned a case worker at Aaronson Law Firm who will assist in the timeshare cancellation process.

What is the process to cancel a timeshare?

The representative that will assist in cancelling your timeshare will need your resort information to confirm that the proper legal counsel is assigned to the correct file. We will to provide an experienced and knowledgeable attorney and support staff to assist you with all the necessary step to complete your timeshare termination.

Once a timeshare attorney is assigned, you will receive a welcome letter with the name of the assigned attorney and the direct phone number to him or her, as well as our support staff. Your timeshare attorney will fight for recession until it is accepted by the timeshare resort and stand by your side throughout the entire timeshare disposal process.

What do I need to give you in order to cancel my timeshare contract?

To Cancel your timeshare we will need a signed copy of the US Consumer Attorneys rescission contract, a copy of your deed or purchase agreement (if available) and a copy of your maintenance fee bill.

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A little FRUSTRATED, and Want to CANCEL Your Timeshare?

The old adage “Misery Loves Company” definitely applies in the timeshare / vacation club industry. Don’t be ashamed, there are others who have been deceived by these timeshare “vacation” clubs. They bring many unsuspecting people in, with many unusual promises that have you believing you are getting one fablous deal.

It is irrelevant who the “PRESTIGIOUS” the Timeshare company is. We get timeshare cancellation request for every resort across the world no matter how big or small.

Go back to the that “wonderful” moment you had with the timeshare rep. What would you tell yourself? I’m betting it is….GET OUT…FLEE….RUN….Well now that chance for redemption is here. Since you cannot travel through time, hire Aaronson Law Group as your timeshare attorney and begin the cancellation process immediately.

It is time for you to seek retribution!