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Phony Timeshare Resale Rackets

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Phony Timeshare Resale Rackets

Phony Timeshare Resale Rackets

Too often that’s exactly what happens, when a timeshare owner wants to get rid of their unwanted timeshare. They fall prey to timeshare resale boiler rooms full of call center sales reps with phony offers and fraudulent tactics.

“You find their pain.  And then you play off that.” 

That was how a convicted timeshare con artist described the sleazy process.  The resale companies access timeshare owner names through unethical time share reps, craigslist and public records.  They engage the owner, until they find out the reason they want to sell – sickness, death in the family, rising costs – the list is varied.  That’s when they play off the timeshare owner’s pain.

An upfront fee and a quick sale

They promise a ready buyer, a quick sale and freedom from the unwanted timeshare.  Oh, and there is an upfront fee – often in the thousands – to cover marketing and recording fees and prepaid maintenance, so they say.  They follow a carefully-crafted script to hook the owner with the pledge “… to rid you of that timeshare forever!”  BUT the sale disappears with your money, and even finding the resale company can be futile.

Ethical legal help

Our law firm focuses on representing frustrated timeshare owners who want to cancel their timeshare.  We deal with unscrupulous companies all the time, and frequently our clients have been cheated two or three times by these resale scams, before they contact us.

Don’t be fooled by resale scammers. Please call 407-439-0868 or email us today for your FREE legal consultation.

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