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Timeshare Sales Agent Exposes Fraud

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Timeshare Sales Agent Exposes Fraud


Deception?  Fraud?  You needn’t feel alone, if you that’s what you felt on purchasing your timeshare. Former sales agents turned whistleblowers are shining a harsh light on the fraudulent and manipulative tactics used by timeshare sales representatives.

$20 million dollar jury award

“My soul feels taller.”  That’s what Patricia Williams told the New York Times, after learning of the $20 million a California jury awarded her. When she identified shady sales methods by the Wyndham Vacation Ownership sales force, Ms. Williams was fired – for disclosing the truth about timeshare sales misconduct!

False promises, elder abuse

You might identify with some of the sales tactics Ms. Williams observed at San Francisco’s posh Wyndham Center.

  • Preying on the elderly – upselling older owners to increase their holdings
  • False promises – claiming Wyndham would buy back unwanted timeshares
  • Fraudulent credit card accounts – opening without customer’s knowledge or approval

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