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Timeshare Sales Claims – Just Plain False

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Timeshare Sales Claims – Just Plain False


You hear similar stories from angry timeshare owners associated with major resorts, from Wyndham and Diamond to Marriott and Hyatt.  Owners feel tricked, humiliated and increasingly stressed. To hear their stories, you could imagine the sales rep goal:  Get that timeshare sale at any cost.

Common deceptions – sound familiar?

Ground Zero in the timeshare sales world is the one- to two-hour sales presentation that actually lasts four to eight hours.

Complaints from attendees run the gamut:

  • False – Timeshares gain value over time
  • False – Everything promised is in the contract
  • False – Sign now at today-only discounted price
  • False – Use points to pay annual maintenance fees
  • False – Sell your points at a profit

Timeshare realities – you want to escape

Too often buyers are worn down by intense sales presentations and later discover a far different truth than the oral promises made by sales representatives.  They feel embarrassed, angry and unsure about who they can trust.

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