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Aggressive Timeshare Presentations

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Aggressive Timeshare Presentations


If you gave up and gave in at your Wyndham Resort or other developer’s timeshare sales presentation, you have company – very unhappy company, we might add. Just take a look on line at Wyndham timeshare reviews, and you’ll find a lengthy list of complaints from people who regret signing that timeshare contract.

Why won’t someone help us, and put a stop to this?”

That was the plea from a 69-year-old woman, reported by The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida. After a grueling, four-hour sales presentation, she and her husband purchased a $25,000 Wyndham Resort timeshare in Orlando. After the “very pushy” sales push, the Canadian couple depleted their retirement funds.  Now they are constantly harassed by companies promising to get their timeshare cancelled, in exchange for up-front fees.  With so many scam artists on both ends of the timeshare game, it’s no wonder they don’t know who to trust.

Rude tactics, deliberate lies

Another woman denounced the free show tickets or buffet.  “They’ll ask for a $40 returnable deposit to attend this vague presentation- but it’s for a timeshare! They will turn up the heat to get you to sign up for one! Then they’ll get real nasty if you say NO.” (Tamia H., Vancouver, Canada)

“… Gaining Trust Back” – We’re here to help

We can help you cancel your unwanted timeshare.  One of our clients described their relief – “Besides fixing this problem, it really was about gaining TRUST back.”

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