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Timeshare Vacations – Missouri Complaints

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Timeshare Vacations – Missouri Complaints


To inform the public of questionable, deceptive or unfair practices; the St. Louis Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently studied the significant volume of complaints against timeshare vacation developers in Missouri. They thoroughly reviewed over 900 timeshare complaints made to the Bureau and to the Missouri Attorney General – complaints that mirror those from every timeshare-heavy state!

Deceptive timeshare sales practices

Timeshare vacation owners reported the same kinds of abuses we consistently hear from our clients:

  • Aggressive, high-pressure sales tactics
  • Losses in the thousands of dollars
  • Promises of guaranteed resales
  • Failure to provide documents
  • Escalating maintenance Fees
  • Failure to release owners from contracts
  • Failure to issue refunds
  • Poor communication and customer service

Warning: Don’t fall for deceptive traps disguised as timeshare vacations

The BBB report also reflected the traditional developer excuses of having done nothing wrong and ‘proving’ customer commitment by virtue of their signatures on contracts to purchase. The net findings prompted the BBB to advise consumers “… to use extreme caution when considering the purchase of a timeshare or vacation club offering.” They also warned against falling for deceptive traps disguised as vacations.

Whether Missouri, Florida, California or any other state; consumers continue to be lured into timeshare vacations with little to no resale value, ever-rising expenses and unfulfilled developer promises. If you or a friend or family member face the expense and frustration of timeshare ownership, you would benefit from the advice of a qualified timeshare attorney.

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