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Attorneys’ Big Win for Timeshare Owners

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Attorneys’ Big Win for Timeshare Owners

Attorneys’ Big Win for Timeshare Owners

Contracts declared null and void

Seven timeshare owners and their timeshare attorneys are celebrating major victories over recent decisions by the Supreme Court in Madrid.  In an ongoing crackdown against deceptive companies, Spain’s High Court found in favor of timeshare owners, awarding over 148,000 EUR and declaring owners’ contracts null and void. Among other findings, the court ruled against Silverpoint and Anfi Del Mar timeshare operators with 50-year+ duration and floating weeks contained in the contracts.  The appropriate legal support and counsel helped owners finally gain freedom from their restrictive and financially-draining timeshares.

Damages awarded after lengthy fight against Silverpoint Timeshare

A British couple won a similar victory after a 9-year legal battle against Silverpoint.  In a typical, escalating purchase debacle, the couple “invested” in 7 timeshare properties with the promise that they would be resold at a great profit within 2 years. Expensive “upgrades”increased their financial obligation.They decided to take legal action, after finding themselves in such financial distress.  After appeals from both sides, in January 2017, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled the contract null and void and awarded damages to be paid by Silverpoint.

Our attorneys – the help you need to cancel your U.S. timeshare contract

Silverpoint and other major timeshare operators employ the same unscrupulous tactics in the United States.  To successfully fight a multi-billion-dollar timeshare company, you owe it to yourself to secure representation by an ethical attorney.

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