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Timeshare Reps Target Anxious Veteran

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Timeshare Reps Target Anxious Veteran

Timeshare Reps Target Anxious Veteran

It’s worse than repugnant, but it happened.  A decorated veteran and his wife were separated from their children and subjected to hours of manipulative timeshare sales tactics.  They couldn’t check on their children.  Fatigue set in.  Anxiety mounted.  One promise after another, one lie after another.  Mounds of paperwork and initialing and the ultimate signature on the contract.

The sales rep got the result he wanted – a sale at any cost and a hefty commission.  The veteran was stressed, drained and walked away with an unwanted timeshare contract that he would have to fight to cancel.

Take notes, call a timeshare attorney

Fortunately, this veteran took careful notes, and he sought a timeshare cancellation lawyer.  Many timeshare owners have been equally duped but fall victim to timeshare resale and timeshare advocate scams.  Only later, they discover – the best way to rid yourself of a legally-binding timeshare contract is to secure representation by an ethical attorney with the clout and knowledge to help.

Ethical legal help – the best route to cancel your timeshare contract

Are you a veteran who has been manipulated into purchasing a timeshare?  Do you have friends or family in this situation?  You do have legal recourses that can help you cancel your timeshare contract!

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