What Exactly Was I Sold?

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What Exactly Was I Sold?

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What Exactly Was I Sold?

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A Hamilton, Ontario, woman asked that question on a TripAdvisor forum, after multiple problems with her timeshare purchase.  Told her 2000 points would be good for a 2-bedroom suite for 2 ½ weeks, she discovered they were valid only for a 4-day stay.  And those details became clear only when her contract documents were sent to her 35 days after her purchase. Her dozen e-mails and multiple phone calls to Palmera Vacation Club were either met with silence or bogus suggestions. Her internet query brought no less than 116 replies from people with similar complaints.

Are your points worth less than you were told?

Another Palmeratimeshare owner experienced a similar discrepancy in points value, and this was after several years of successful timeshare ownership.  She has reached out to the company on numerous occasions to resolve her situation, but her salesperson has ‘disappeared’.

An Ohio couple who bought points with Palmera called it “One of the worst decisions of our life.”  Sales reps lied about the points value and about being able to sell their Bluegreen points.

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Good people duped by fraudulent sales tactics

That’s the common thread our timeshare attorneys hear from clients – that good, ethical people simply are unsuspecting of the manipulative strategies used by many timeshare companies. They are looking for memorable family vacations and find themselves locked into a long-term financial obligation for a timeshare they no longer want.


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