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“Escape Hatch” for Timeshare Fraud

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“Escape Hatch” for Timeshare Fraud


Some timeshare companies are responding to the timeshare trap with “friendly” programs that offer some degree of assistance to owners wanting to cancel their timeshares. Club Wyndham now has a three-step helpline for qualifying owners called “Wyndham Cares”.  The program seems to offer a central point of contact for distressed owners, but many still don’t qualify for this “escape hatch”.

$800,000 Victory for Consumers

Clearly, these new programs have developed from fraud and legal settlements. Diamond Resorts™ launched Diamond Clarity™, a similar program claiming transparency and respect for timeshare customers. But let’s be clear about motivation.

Armed with over 400 timeshare owner complaints,  Arizona’s Attorney General accused Diamond Resorts of violating Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act. The result?  An $800,000 settlement for consumer restitution and attorney fees.  More important, Diamond must develop a program that allows qualifying owners who want to cancel their timeshares to return them to the company with no further obligations. Thus, Diamond Clarity™ was born.

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