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Timeshare Trickery and Lies

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Timeshare Trickery and Lies


See if these claims sound familiar.

  • Timeshares – a great financial investment
  • Sell at a profit one day
  • An investment your kids can inherit
  • Make reservations around the world

Bluegreen Vacations offers an appealing website showcasing their timeshare resorts, locations and amenities.  “Share Happiness . . . vacations make people happier by sharing time together, smiles and memories.”

Pressure to sign the contract

That’s the problem, isn’t it?  High-powered sales reps paint Utopian pictures, apply pressure and get you to sign the contract.  You’ll find quite a different take on “happiness” in many Bluegreen reviews on line. Many of their timeshare owners feel cheated, lied to, manipulated and worse.

  • Contract papers sent to wrong address, received past cancellation date
  • Booked villas not available on arrival – smaller townhomes inadequate
  • Ill veteran’s “easily resaleable timeshare” – worthless

Frustrated?  Confused?  Damaged Credit?

You are not alone in your timeshare troubles!  Our clients reach out for help in the middle of their financial stress, confusion and often – hopelessness. We can and will help!

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