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Timeshare Sales Tactics Target Elderly and Disabled

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Timeshare Sales Tactics Target Elderly and Disabled


Learn how Timeshare Sales Target Elderly and Disabled

Of the many abuses of unscrupulous timeshare companies, preying on elderly consumers is one of the most loathsome. We learn of these traumatic circumstances far too often, when clients seek our assistance to cancel their timeshares.

To best sketch that scenario, we will defer to some sage advice from a successful author to would-be writers. In his book, Secrets of Successful Fiction, author Robert Newton Peck advises writers to skip elaborating on the lush, sprawling beauty of the meadow in favor of showing the reader “… one butterfly landing on one bluet”. That same direction helps to effectively demonstrate the horrendous depth of elder abuse by fraudulent timeshare companies.

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A true story. George and Patricia are an elderly couple. At 79, George suffers from a heart condition as well as from cognitive degeneration, that results in confusion and a failing memory. His 77 wife, Patricia, is a cancer survivor with COPD and tires easily. Their family only recently discovered that their parents had succumbed to the pressures of Bluegreen Vacations timeshare sales representatives.

Between 2014 and 2017, Bluegreen Vacations convinced the couple to sign five different contracts for timeshares. In presentations lasting up to four hours, sales representatives lauded the timeshares as financial investments and stressed the owner’s ability to recoup those investments through renting their timeshare.

Though the couple could only take two weeks of annual vacation, they were badgered into purchasing five timeshare weeks. When they inquired about selling their timeshares back to Bluegreen, they were told they could only do so by purchasing additional points. They signed another contract to do so.

When their family learned of the couple’s dilemma, they tried to determine what George and Patricia had purchased and why. In their confusion, the elders were not even certain of their different contracts and described the fatigue and pressure they had faced in the “owner reviews” to which they were subjected.

See for yourself their son’s warning to others. It is a tragic story of the kind of needless harm, confusion and financial hardships inflicted on unsuspecting elderly consumers.

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