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Timeshare Scams – Public Exposure

Timeshare-Scams---Public-Exposure, Cancel Timeshare

You see questions and criticism about social media, but a significant benefit is shared information about timeshare scams. A Facebook page titled Westgate Resort – Scams is a prime example. Let’s examine specific complaints about the largest privately-owned vacation ownership company in the world, according to Westgate. The Promise Land of Vacation Ownership Westgate’s promotes over 28 destinations from Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach to Orlando and Gatlinburg. The Westgate promise - “Vacation ownership in a timeshare like Westgate Resorts lets you choose the high road of vacations . . . an extraordinary array of resort style activities and amenities.” A significant court...

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Do Not Buy A Starwood Timeshare

Complaint -Starwood, Cancel Timeshare

Becky from Minneapolis shared her review of The Westin Kierland Villas on TripAdvisor with highly negative Starwood Timeshare comments.  Though pleased with The Westin Kierland Villas resort, she purchased a timeshare with the promise of easy conversion to StarPoints and a broad selection of vacation destinations. NOT TRUE, as it turns out! Points conversion not even close to equivalent value Extra costs for conversion Poor exchange rates for all properties   Please call 407-439-0868 or email us today for your FREE legal consultation....

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A Timeshare Attorney Gets Attention!

A Timeshare Attorney Gets Attention

Howard and Katherine purchased a timeshare from a major timeshare company in 2005.  Unrelenting sales maneuvers pressed them to add to their portfolio, as they were repeatedly told that owning a greater number of timeshares would improve their vacation options and ability to make reservations – not true, as they would learn.  With their exorbitant year-end tax and maintenance bill, painful reality struck and pushed them to action. Careful research for a “rock-solid” exit plan They found many companies promising easy assistance to cancel their timeshares, but very few employed attorneys.  Many just offered advice for them to deal with the timeshare...

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Elder Abuse in Timeshare Fiasco


A Sad, Familiar Story Edward is an Army veteran and Florida resident.  Between 2012 and 2017, he and his wife, Margaret, purchased Wyndham timeshare points on six separate occasions in six locations.  After their initial purchase, each time they bought more points to “solve a problem”.  At each location, the Wyndham sales representative upsold points with all-too-familiar misrepresentations: Buy more points, get more availability Resell to recoup “investment” Deeded property pushed by the sales representative at Hawaii location Deeded property points bring higher maintenance fees – traded for new points Greater number of points yields greater benefits [mkd_blockquote text="“We ended up paying more...

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Timeshare Sales Claims – Just Plain False


You hear similar stories from angry timeshare owners associated with major resorts, from Wyndham and Diamond to Marriott and Hyatt.  Owners feel tricked, humiliated and increasingly stressed. To hear their stories, you could imagine the sales rep goal:  Get that timeshare sale at any cost. Common deceptions – sound familiar? Ground Zero in the timeshare sales world is the one- to two-hour sales presentation that actually lasts four to eight hours. Complaints from attendees run the gamut: False - Timeshares gain value over time False - Everything promised is in the contract False - Sign now at today-only discounted price False - Use...

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Timeshare Purchase – “My worst financial decision”


While many Marriott timeshare owners enjoy their “investment in family vacations”, we doubt that you would be reading this if you were among them. Many owners on Insiders Marriott Rewards, complain about lies, false promises, money down the drain and more. . . .How the Marriott Vacation Club Sales People work. They will tell you anything and everything you want to hear at the time of the sale. You can ask specific questions and they will lie right to your face.  Jmuni Jan. 29, 2018 “I am truly ashamed of the decision I made.” A 10-year Marriott Vacation Club owner said his platinum ski...

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Phony Timeshare Resale Rackets

Phony Timeshare Resale Rackets

Too often that’s exactly what happens, when a timeshare owner wants to get rid of their unwanted timeshare. They fall prey to timeshare resale boiler rooms full of call center sales reps with phony offers and fraudulent tactics. “You find their pain.  And then you play off that.”  That was how a convicted timeshare con artist described the sleazy process.  The resale companies access timeshare owner names through unethical time share reps, craigslist and public records.  They engage the owner, until they find out the reason they want to sell – sickness, death in the family, rising costs – the list...

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Aggressive Timeshare Presentations


If you gave up and gave in at your Wyndham Resort or other developer’s timeshare sales presentation, you have company – very unhappy company, we might add. Just take a look on line at Wyndham timeshare reviews, and you’ll find a lengthy list of complaints from people who regret signing that timeshare contract. Why won’t someone help us, and put a stop to this?” That was the plea from a 69-year-old woman, reported by The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida. After a grueling, four-hour sales presentation, she and her husband purchased a $25,000 Wyndham Resort timeshare in Orlando. After the “very pushy” sales...

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Timeshares Target Elderly and Disabled


Preying on the elderly and disabled is a loathsome tactic of some timeshare companies.  Take George and Patricia, for example. At 79, George suffers from a heart condition, failing memory and general confusion.  His 77-year-old wife, Patricia, is a cancer survivor with COPD and tires easily. Their family recently discovered that their parents gave in to pressures from Bluegreen Vacations timeshare sales representatives. Badgering the elderly is not okay! Between 2014 and 2017, Bluegreen Vacations convinced them to sign five different contracts for timeshares in presentations lasting up to four hours.  Sales reps claimed timeshares were financial investments and could be rented...

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Timeshare Sales Agent Exposes Fraud


Deception?  Fraud?  You needn’t feel alone, if you that’s what you felt on purchasing your timeshare. Former sales agents turned whistleblowers are shining a harsh light on the fraudulent and manipulative tactics used by timeshare sales representatives. $20 million dollar jury award “My soul feels taller.”  That’s what Patricia Williams told the New York Times, after learning of the $20 million a California jury awarded her. When she identified shady sales methods by the Wyndham Vacation Ownership sales force, Ms. Williams was fired - for disclosing the truth about timeshare sales misconduct! False promises, elder abuse You might identify with some of the...

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