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Timeshares Target Elderly and Disabled


Preying on the elderly and disabled is a loathsome tactic of some timeshare companies.  Take George and Patricia, for example. At 79, George suffers from a heart condition, failing memory and general confusion.  His 77-year-old wife, Patricia, is a cancer survivor with COPD and tires easily. Their family recently discovered that their parents gave in to pressures from Bluegreen Vacations timeshare sales representatives. Badgering the elderly is not okay! Between 2014 and 2017, Bluegreen Vacations convinced them to sign five different contracts for timeshares in presentations lasting up to four hours.  Sales reps claimed timeshares were financial investments and could be rented...

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Timeshare Sales Agent Exposes Fraud


Deception?  Fraud?  You needn’t feel alone, if you that’s what you felt on purchasing your timeshare. Former sales agents turned whistleblowers are shining a harsh light on the fraudulent and manipulative tactics used by timeshare sales representatives. $20 million dollar jury award “My soul feels taller.”  That’s what Patricia Williams told the New York Times, after learning of the $20 million a California jury awarded her. When she identified shady sales methods by the Wyndham Vacation Ownership sales force, Ms. Williams was fired - for disclosing the truth about timeshare sales misconduct! False promises, elder abuse You might identify with some of the...

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Timeshare Reality – Painful and Embarrassing


You purchased a timeshare or vacation club membership only to find later that you had been fed more lies and misrepresentations than you can count!  You’re angry, embarrassed and likely feel others would not have fallen into this timeshare trap. You are not alone! In fact, millions of timeshare owners are calling “FOUL” and “FRAUD”, after falling into the same scheme that trapped you. Our clients feel cheated, when they face: Impossibly long reservation waits Scarce availability at popular resorts Soaring maintenance fees High-interest rates No resale value for their timeshare Mistakes happen, but we can help you cancel your timeshare contract!  You purchased...

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“Escape Hatch” for Timeshare Fraud


Some timeshare companies are responding to the timeshare trap with “friendly” programs that offer some degree of assistance to owners wanting to cancel their timeshares. Club Wyndham now has a three-step helpline for qualifying owners called “Wyndham Cares”.  The program seems to offer a central point of contact for distressed owners, but many still don’t qualify for this “escape hatch”. $800,000 Victory for Consumers Clearly, these new programs have developed from fraud and legal settlements. Diamond Resorts™ launched Diamond Clarity™, a similar program claiming transparency and respect for timeshare customers. But let’s be clear about motivation. Armed with over 400 timeshare owner complaints,...

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Timeshare Trickery and Lies


See if these claims sound familiar. Timeshares - a great financial investment Sell at a profit one day An investment your kids can inherit Make reservations around the world Bluegreen Vacations offers an appealing website showcasing their timeshare resorts, locations and amenities.  “Share Happiness . . . vacations make people happier by sharing time together, smiles and memories.” Pressure to sign the contract That’s the problem, isn’t it?  High-powered sales reps paint Utopian pictures, apply pressure and get you to sign the contract.  You’ll find quite a different take on “happiness” in many Bluegreen reviews on line. Many of their timeshare owners feel cheated,...

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